Art director, graphic designer, web and UI designer

Katsue’s design capabilities:

Throughout my 20+ year career in design. I have built a wide range of experiences including wireframe creation, website design, logo design, product packaging design for online and brick and mortar retail, and promotional materials (e.g., flyers, posters and novelty items for branding) design.


Katsue’s work experiences:

Since 2016, I have been working for DMM, the largest multimedia company and largest unicorn company in Japan.  At DMM I’ve worked as an art director across multiple services. I’ve overseen multiple design teams, quality checking their work, and assessing for consistency of tone and style. I’ve liaised between project managers and design teams, managing designers’ workflow. When other requests have come up, I’ve searched for resources outside the team or the department in charge. Before 2016, I worked in the fashion industry for ten years: doing e-commerce, branding, and operations.

Katsue’s professional design ethos:

I am especially attentive to clients’ requests and business objectives. I think about the “why” underlying people’s business objectives, and the storyline that will appeal most to customers. I work systematically to help clients prioritize and gain further clarity on their design-related business objectives.

Katsue’s career objectives:

I aim to apply my professional skills to working with companies, organizations, and clients who are driven by a strong mission.  I am always inspired by working with emerging businesses that have an eye toward achieving big dreams.